Our main service is the gift of encouragement

The clients at our Reentry Center face a staggering number of obstacles as they move forward in life with a prison record. The clients visiting our Day Program come from Dauphin County's Female Work Release Center, Capital Pavilion, or just walk-in. Although we offer a computer lab, individual counseling on resume building, as well as job and housing search assistance, our main service is the gift of encouragement. In addition to these services, we offer referrals to collaborative agencies in the area that help us meet individual needs. As encouragement takes root, we often see the beginning stages of empowerment. Empowerment provides the building blocks for hope and healing as our clients become reunited with their families, and community at large.

The DAY Program


Our Day Program has served 222 clients in our United Way Grant year (July 2015- June 2016) with more than 60% maintaining employment, leading to financial independence. For years we have had over 200 employers who have successfully hired our clients and work with us on a regular basis. Typically, two/thirds of our clients are women, and about one/third are men, all of whom we have been serving for 8 years. Representing a great deal of cultural diversity, our clients reach out by calling or dropping in; they are encouraged to let us know how well they are doing.
We have begun a new Family Reunification program for women in Work Release. Children, aged birth to 18, visit with their mothers and reconnect on Saturdays. Family Care-Givers are able to bring the children to our Center on three Saturdays of each month. From Work Release, the women come in for an early morning Parenting Support Group, then the children arrive for much needed family interaction. With support from the United Way and In His Presence Ministry under the direction of Pastor Leah Payne, we are able to offer high quality family activities as well as healthy meals that the families help to prepare. We keep our families engaged after prison release, and begin to see a new level of empowerment in our participants. This is an invaluable service for both the children and mothers.


Each week, our program walls extend to the closed walls of Dauphin County Prison, as our Reentry Center Director takes our curriculum, along with a message of encouragement, directly to prisoners. Life changing strategies are offered to the women who attend our Pre-Release Support Group Sessions.

"It's About Change."


We're not promising that it will be easy. But, it is possible.


"I couldn't have done it
without you."
- Monique



Long Road Back: Ex-Offenders' Struggle for Acceptance

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